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Dr. Rose Dissertation University: Online Coaching/Mentoring Website

Dr. Rose Dissertation University, LLC Launches an Online Coaching and Mentoring Dissertation Website for Graduate Students and Academic Professionals. The website was created by Dr. Carolyn Rose-Smith who is an academic and dissertation editor, coach, and mentor. Dr. Rose-Smith is also the founder of Rose Professional Editing Service, LLC (website: After listening and speaking with many doctoral students about the similar challenges that they have encountered during their dissertation journey, such as their dissertations taking years to complete, running out of funds to continue, lack of support from Committee Members, inconsistent guidance among Committee Members, feeling lost and wanting to quit, etc., Dr. Rose-Smith was inspired to create this website with the goal of providing a wealth of learning resources that would help to answer students’ and committee members’ questions and guide students and academic professionals through every step of the dissertation process. Even though Dr. Rose-Smith provides coaching and mentoring services by phone, Dr. Rose-Smith also created the online coaching and mentoring resource in order to provide support for more students and also provide professors with a reputable dissertation resource as well.

The website features written resources and audio geared towards helping students become knowledgeable about everything that they need to know about the dissertation process and steps that can be taken to help students complete their dissertation in a timely manner. The written resources and audio also provides an additional resource that academic professionals can use to assist their students on their dissertation journey. The main goal of this website is to help students save time and money by completing their dissertation in a timely manner; thus, meeting their graduation goals.

Subscribers to Dr. Rose Dissertation University, LLC will be able to access all learning resources as frequently as they wish, as long as their subscriptions remain current. Four plans are offered to subscribers:


·       1 month subscription at $49

·       3 months subscription at $139 (saving 5% monthly)

·       6 months subscription at $264 (saving 10% monthly)

·       Yearly subscription at $499 (saving 15% monthly)



Subscribers will be sent a weekly updated newsletter about new weekly learning resources that have been added to the website. Content suggestions from students, professors, and other academic professionals are always welcome.


So subscribe to Dr. Rose Dissertation University today at so that you can have access to:

  1. Online coaching and mentoring from a knowledgeable and experienced dissertation editor, coach, and mentor who has successfully worked with many students to help them complete their dissertations.
  2. Get access to a wide range of dissertation learning resources that are clear and straight forward; thus, helping students complete their dissertation faster and save money.
  3. Provide students with knowledge that they can use to respectfully advocate on their own behalf if they experience any issues during their dissertation journey.
  4. New dissertation learning resources are added every week and content suggestions from students and professors are welcome.
  5. The cost to subscribe is affordable and cost effective. The learning resources are available immediately.
  6. Subscribers can access the website’s learning resources as often as they want as long as their subscriptions are current.

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If you would like to learn more about Dr. Rose Dissertation University, LLC, see the contact information below:


Phone: 571-205-2001


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