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The initial 30-minute consultation is free and this is where we can discuss the project you are working on and my fees. For my editing and refining services, I charge a flat rate of $90 per hour to edit and refine your work effective January 1, 2017. I charge $55 per hour for coaching and mentoring services effective January 1, 2017. I have found that charging a flat rate instead of charging per word or page tends to be less expensive. The amount you pay will depend on the level of service you are requesting. If you retain my services after the initial consultation, you will be sent an “Agreement” to review and sign. The “Agreement” will include the total fees that we discussed in the consultation. Fees are payable in halves: half before I begin and half before I submit the completed work to you after the completion of my work. I guarantee the work that I have done on your document, but I do not guarantee the content, as you are responsible for the content placed in your document.

Clients can terminate the “Agreement” to work with me at anytime before completion of my work. If the Agreement is terminated, Rose Professional Editing Service, L.L.C. will present the Client with a statement of account showing all fees paid by the Client, itemizing the time and work performed multiplied by appropriate hourly rates to determine the charge for work performed prior to termination of this Agreement. If the charge for the work performed prior to termination exceeds fees paid, this Agreement will be terminated immediately, the Client agrees to pay Rose Professional Editing Service, L.L.C. for the work performed to date (as of termination), and the client will be provided with the work performed to date. If the fees paid by the Client exceed work performed to date, Rose Professional Editing Service, L.L.C. will return unearned fees to the Client within 2 weeks of terminated agreement.

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