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  • Dissertations, Doctoral Studies, and Thesis Editing Service
  • APA Proofreading and Comprehensive Editing Service
  • Coaching/Mentoring
  • APA Tutoring

** Please see below for a detail description of these services **

  Dissertation, Doctoral Studies, and Thesis Editing Service

  • Dissertations
  • Doctoral Studies
  • Thesis
  • Prospectus
  • Proposals 
  • Course Papers
  • Online Classroom Discussions
  • Journal Articles
  • Textbooks
  • All Other Academic Work 

APA proofreading and comprehensive editing service includes:

  • Comprehensive APA edits
  • Proper APA writing style and organization
  • Proper sentence structure
  • Correct grammar
  • Sources are cited and referenced correctly
  • Proper formatting of document
  • Document feedback/comments

After completing the edits on your work, I will provide you with two copies of your document, an edited copy that show all the track changes and feedback/comments and a clean copy.


Coaching/mentoring could involve a brief or long-term working relationship. I can provide you additional support, no matter the stage you may be in with writing your course paper, thesis, dissertation, or other academic work. I can help you research and create possible topics, find the gap in the research field, find potential resources (e.g., articles, databases, and books), discuss research designs/methods and research questions, and checking your work against your University’s checklist and/or rubric.
For coaching and mentoring services, you must make an initial commitment of 10 hours. The fee per hour is $55; therefore, the fee for the initial 10 hours is $550. The Client can use these coaching/mentoring hours during scheduled or unscheduled telephone appointments. Please note that the time it takes to review your document prior to our conversation is part of the coaching and mentoring services and you will be charged for this time.

APA Tutoring

I provide APA tutoring to help you become a better academic writer. I will go over some of the most common style rules that you need to know when you are doing any type of academic writing. Tutoring can take place using a combination of communication sources that is convenient for you: e-mail or phone.

Important Notices

  • In all my work, I abide by University standards; therefore, I do not write papers for clients. I will provide you coaching and mentoring throughout all stages of the dissertation, doctoral study, or thesis process, as well as provide comprehensive editing.


When you retain my services, you will be provided with a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which guarantees that your document will be kept confidential and secure, and will be deleted within 90 days after the completion of your work.  

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